A few words about me:  Darryl Hinshaw


I started as Hinshaw Innovations, and later changed the name to Hinnovate.   Since I was 10 years old, I have enjoyed a passion for science, technology and engineering.  Throughout my career I held VP and Director positions, leading teams that create new markets, technologies and products.  It has been a fantastic experience. There is tremendous productive power inherent in enjoying what one does.  What I enjoy most, is applying the latest science and technology to develop new and innovative products.


Hinnovate is well established and has a reasonable Midwestern cost structure, with a Research and Development lab to build, test, and verify prototype and proof of concept hardware and software.  I understand that low cost and high quality are key requirements for a product to be competitive in the market place.  I also stay aware of emerging technologies and strive for both practical and innovative solutions to create the highest value products.


Passion and perseverance are my key strengths.  Integrity is my grounding principle, making Hinnovate a trusted development partner.   


References, capabilities and project history can be provided.